Foresight creates perspective.
And is the basis for sustainable accomplishment.

About us

We advise and act with prudence and foresight, always keeping the bigger picture in mind. In an everchanging regulatory environment, we consider this an essential ingredient for astute and competent advice.

This approach enables our clients to make sound and well-informed decisions that have a positive, sustainable and supportive impact on their long-term forward trajectory.

A global mindset –
from start to finish

In the world of law, the proverbial "thinking outside the box" can make all the difference. As a leading full-service law firm in Liechtenstein, we always maintain an international focus. Our legal team is not only exceptional in the field of Liechtenstein law, but also carries a wealth of international experience and qualifications with them.

Our lawyers' expertise spans a wide range of jurisdictions, including New York, California, England and Wales, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Our dedicated team members have vital professional experience gained at renowned international law firms from abroad. The combination of international academic training and practical experience ensures that we can provide our clients with the best possible advice on a wide range of cross-border legal issues.

Wherever your legal challenges lie, we will guide you from start to finish with an international mindset.

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Perfection in every detail.
The foundation for your trust.


Tailor-made solutions for individual needs.

The perfection of our services is our top priority. We strive to provide the very highest quality of service whilst always keeping the clients' needs at the centre of our planning and approach.

Our vast wealth of experience and expertise enable us to create, develop and implement bespoke legal solutions that inevitably meet the individual requirements of our clients.

In a consistently changing legal landscape, it is essential to stay completely up to date as this serves as the building blocks to our personalised, innovative, and dependable legal advice.

Our devotion to the quest of legal perfection drives us to reach outstanding results and build long-term relationships with our clients.

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From classic Tradition to Top Full-Service Law Firm

Our law firm was founded in 1991 as a two-person partnership and incorporated in 2015. From the humble beginnings of a traditional Liechtenstein law office, we have grown into one of the most renowned full-service law firms in Liechtenstein.

Our deep insight into the Liechtenstein market and our in depth understanding of the country-specific characteristics enable us to provide optimal support to businesses and private individuals both locally and internationally.

Our History

Facts & Figures

Other countries, cultures and ways of working allow you to think outside the box. In the endless pursuit of garnering more knowledge and experience, Andreas Schurti travelled to California, New York and later Belgium in the 1980s. This appetite for knowledge acquisition is still present today. For our clients, wherever they need us.

Our clients are located all over the globe. That is why we place absolute priority on the importance of international experience. Our lawyers come from Liechtenstein, Switzerland, England, Austria, Ireland and Germany. Our team of attorneys include experts admitted to practice in Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland, England & Wales, Ireland, Germany and New York. Before joining our trusted team, many of our lawyers gained professional experience at major international law firms abroad.

Our law firm was founded in 1991. Andreas Schurti still plays a very active role in the success of our firm today. His mission was clear from the very beginning of the 1990s. To become the leading law firm in Liechtenstein and the first port of call for companies and wealthy private clients, both domestically and abroad. We continue to pursue this goal with our team of highly qualified and competent lawyers today. Day in, day out.

We facilitate our clients in commercial or personal disputes with exceptional legal knowledge, business-orientated thinking, a wealth of experience and a broad horizon. From the initial consultation to the final meeting, we personally support our clients. If required, we are available for our clients 24/7.

We offer our clients a wide range of services - from a single source and under one roof. Our experts for legal advice, fiduciary services and notarial services all work from our office right next to the Princely District Court.


Global Vision with local precision

Our vision is to provide our clients with exemplary legal solutions.

Our clients should receive Liechtenstein legal advice at a level they are accustomed to from top international law firms. Based on a comprehensive understanding of our clients' businesses and personal interests, we support them with reliable legal advice and strategic orientation. Our firm stands for expertise, trust and excellent service.

Find out more about our ample expertise, our committed team of legal professionals and our dedication to ensuring your long-term success under team and areas of expertise.

First-class advice knows no borders.
We pride ourselves on maintaining international partnerships with the best.

International Partners

Over the last three decades, we have built up and maintained close working relationships with other leading law firms in various jurisdictions and we regularly work with some of the finest barristers.

These well-established networks, combined with our own multi-jurisdictionally qualified team, allow us to handle international matters smoothly and guarantee our clients first-class legal advice on all aspects of their international legal affairs.

As a Liechtenstein partner law firm, we are represented in the following international networks.