We represent private and corporate clients in a wide range of contentious and non-contentious matters before Liechtenstein courts as well as national and international arbitral tribunals.

The better part of our dispute resolution team's work relates to disputes concerning:

  • trusts, foundations and other private asset structures, with our firm representing a wide variety of possible stakeholders, such as founders, settlors, beneficiaries, creditors and professional fiduciary service providers;
  • international estates;
  • professional liability claims (in particular against professional service providers) and
  • insurance companies, banks and other financial intermediaries, with our firm representing financial intermediaries and their contractual counterparties alike.

In recent years, we have been particularly busy handling trust- and foundation-related disputes. Our firm regularly represents settlors/founders and beneficiaries of Liechtenstein trusts and foundations who are dissatisfied with the way professional fiduciary service providers administer "their" trusts and foundations. In many cases we have been able to effect the replacement of the undesirable fiduciary service provider by a new fiduciary service provider trusted by our respective clients.

Most of the disputes handled by our firm are not limited to Liechtenstein but are of a multi-jurisdictional nature. In many of these cases we not only advise our clients on those aspects of the matters relevant to Liechtenstein but also assist our clients in the strategical and tactical coordination of their actions in other jurisdictions involved. The close working relations our firm maintains with leading foreign firms and barristers are a great asset and guarantee that our clients are provided with highest-quality legal services throughout.

Key Contacts

"The firm provides outstanding expertise in the field of dispute resolution. On top of in-depth knowledge of Liechtenstein civil, penal and procedural laws comes a remarkable sense for strategy. Further outstanding features are responsiveness and, thanks to the size of the practice, the availability of very able experts on short notice."

The Legal 500, 2022

"The Firm is one of the leading firms in dispute resolution that are able to guide and handle most complex international cases. Their standing as top tier firm is unquestionable. Also they are able to bring up further future talents in this sector.

The Legal 500, 2022

"Young and hungry team of excellent and very dedicated lawyers."

The Legal 500, 2022

"Very goal oriented and rigorous, a law firm that you would not wish to have as your opponent. Combines longstanding experience with the "youth and hunger" of a relatively young team. Excellent knowledge of all pertinent legal systems (Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, but also UK and beyond)."

The Legal 500, 2021

"The team is exceptionally responsive, and the quality of advice shows a profound understanding of the law and court practice."

the Legal 500, 2021

"The firm has three decades of experience in international high-profile litigation and arbitration matters. The firm is clearly considered as one of the market leaders in this sector, with a highly skilled and experienced team."

The Legal 500, 2020

"One of the top firms in Liechtenstein with respect to handling complex global disputes. In addition to handling Liechtenstein proceedings very effectively, they were outstanding at coordinating and plotting the global strategy."

The Legal 500, 2020

"I see it as one of the best in the market for dispute resolution, technically it is undoubtedly one of the best firms."

Chambers Europe, 2021

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